• Advising / Attending on all the Company Law, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), SEBI Regulations related matters;
  • Advising on convening of meetings and drafting of Notice - agenda and explanatory notes for the Board /General Meetings;
  • Drafting and finalization of minutes for the Board / General Meetings;
  • Advising, preparing and online filing of e-forms required to be filed by the Company from time to time with Ministry of Corporate Affairs;
  • Support in drafting of documents covered in the Annual Reports like Directors’ Report, Corporate Governance Report, Management Discussion and Analysis Reports;
  • Maintenance of Statutory Registers, viz. Register of Members, Register of Transfers, Register of Contracts etc in digital form;
  • Attending to Secretarial/Corporate Actions matters such as increase of authorised capital, allotment of securities, issue of certificates, Securities transfers, changes in Board of Directors, appointment of Key Managerial Personnel like MD/ WTD / CFO. and other routine Company law related matters;
  • Representation before the office of Registrar of Companies in case of any routine queries/show cause notices/ letters.
  • Advisory on Compliance of SEBI (ICDR) Regulations and SEBI Regulations on Takeover / Insider / Listing Regulations / Corporate Governance requirements
  • Advisory on Preferential Issues / Private Placements
  • Advisory on Right Issues and Bonus issues
  • Advisory in relation to issuance of ESOP
  • Advisory on SME Listing
  • Listing of Securities on Stock Exchanges
  • Compliances under Listing Regulations
  • Drafting of prospectus / letter of offer and obtaining various approvals in association with the lead merchant bankers.
  • Advisory on Delisting of Securities.
  • Advisory on Buy back of Securities by a Listed Entity
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